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Prize Winners

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2022 List of Prize Winners

R.F. Legget Medal

Dr. Robert Chapuis

Cross Canada Lecture Tours

Spring 2022

Dr. Doug Stead

Fall 2022 

Dr. Catherine Mulligan,

Canadian Geotechnical Colloquium

Dr. Nicholas Beier

Michael Bozozuk National Graduate Scholarship

2022 – Heidi Cossey, University of Alberta

Dennis Becker M.Sc. Award

2022 – Abigail Paul, University of Alberta

Graduate Student Presentation Award

1st Prize

  • Bruce Gee

2nd Prize

  • Lisa Tauskela
Undergraduate Student Report (Individual)

1st Prize

  • Frances Hallen

2nd Prize

  • Henry Gage
Undergraduate Student Report (Group)

1st Prize

  • Paul Brezanoczy Edwards
  • Christian Valerio
  • Matthew Weiss

2nd Prize

  • Killian Bell
  • Kenneth Lemieux
  • Kelly Lowry
  • Marco Maggioni
  • Liam Sickinger
  • Davis Stambolich