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Summer 2023


Jean Hutchinson, CFG President

The Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique (CFG) is a registered charitable organization established to recognize and foster excellence in the geotechnical field in Canada. It works at arm’s length from the Canadian Geotechnical Society. Jean Hutchinson is the current president of CFG.

La Fondation canadienne de géotechnique (FCG) est un organisme de bienfaisance enregistré qui a été établie pour reconnaître et encourager l’excellence dans le domaine de la géotechnique au Canada. Elle travaille sans lien de dépendance avec la Société canadienne de géotechnique. Jean Hutchinson est la présidente actuelle de la FCG.

It is my pleasure to provide an update on the activities of the Canadian Foundation for Geotechnique. I hope to answer some of the questions we are frequently asked by members of the CGS. Please have a look at our newly updated web page for further information about upcoming events as well as many of our past activities. We are delighted to acknowledge the contributions of numerous companies and individuals who have supported our work over the years.

What does the CFG do?

The CFG is a not-for-profit group focussed on providing funding to foster and recognize excellence in geotechnical engineering. We raise funds from donors to support the Cross Canada Lecture Tour, and our Investment Committee is responsible for careful stewardship of loans and donations from the CGS and Sections, as well as from individuals, to generate funds to support numerous other activities.

How does the CFG support Geotechnique?

In addition to the CCLT, as noted above, the CFG provides funds to celebrate the successes of our colleagues at the CGS annual conference, including the Legget Medal, the Society’s highest honour, and the honorarium to commission the Colloquium lecture, recognizing an early career rising star, as well as a travel fund for the subsequent lecture tour. We also provide prizes to recognize and foster excellence for students including the CGS’s graduate student prize and lecture at the annual conference, the CFG’s Michael Bozozuk National Graduate Scholarship for a PhD student and Dennis Becker CFG MSc Award, and the CGS awards for undergraduate design reports, both individual and group.

How can I get involved with the CFG?

The CFG comprises a group of Members representing a number of different areas of geotechnical engineering practice, joining us from across the country. We encourage a broadly based group to benefit from a diverse set of perspectives. As a Member, you are asked to attend the AGM, either in person at the annual conference or virtually, where we will provide an update on the budget and investments, report on current initiatives and discuss ideas for new initiatives. We may also request Member input and support for other initiatives during the year. If you wish to volunteer as a Member, please get in touch with any member of the Board — contact information is provided on the CFG web page.

Why should I contribute to the CFG?

We appreciate all funds donated to the Foundation, as a direct contribution to all of the activities noted above. New activities to support more students are planned at this time but are dependent on additional funding. Your contribution will be invested, and the dividends used to support and promote the stars and rising stars of the Canadian Geotechnical Society. Should you wish to provide a donation to the Foundation, you may do so either at the Canada Helps webpage (which generates a tax receipt directly) or along with your annual CGS renewal.